Why a Data Model?

The answers are quite simple :

  1. So you will know what your site is supposed to contain
  2. So visitors will be able to easily navigate the site

While these may sound simplistic they represent two major flaws in the development of most sites.
  • Over specification of the need for the content required
  • Lack of a coherent plan to maintain the site once it is launched

At KEPHA we use the term as a process whereby we guide our clients in setting realistic goals for their site. Part of this process is the determination of what really should be in the site, how it and navigation will be designed, and how the different "real world" objects such as Worship Times, Ministries, Calendars, and other descriptive pages will fit.

   Making it pretty is easy... Making it flow is not.

There is a need for a specific plan that describes the different types of pages [objects] represented in the proposed site together with their properties, relationships, and how the organization intends to maintain them. That is what KEPHA does for clients. We help you understand exactly what your site will be before it is ever designed. This saves money on development and helps insure that it is maintained properly after launch.

view a larger diagram of the PG POA DataModel
An example of why a data model is important...

The property owners of Pecan Grove Plantation wanted a clean site that showcased the differences between their neighborhood and other subdivisions without the friendly atmosphere their community displayed. The first step in that process was a KEPHA facilitated retreat to help discover how they could achieve their goal.

GoTo the complete Pecan Grove Plantation Property owners site at:


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